About us

The company Argo-Link began with its activity in the year 2005, more precisely with snail farming. The special types of snails that are kept in these farms are: Helix Pomatia and Helix Aspersa, commonly known under the pseudonyms “Burgundy snail” and “garden snail”. At the time being, we are increasing the areas covering the farming of the colorful Helix Aspersa snail.

In the last three years, the newly opened farms were equipped with all necessary materials by our company, and at the end of the season we bought the entire manufacturing of snails and delivered it to our partners in Italy. Two years later, namely in 2007, we began with the adaptation of the current object so that we could manufacture mushrooms. The decision to start farming oyster mushrooms is based on the fact that in Macedonia it is really rare while the market is demanding it, and it is particularly nutritive. We would like to increase the manufacture of the oyster mushrooms in the future, so that we would be able to export it out of our country. We have an agreement with the municipality of Tchashka for a private public partnership which allows us to have unlimited possibilities for fulfilling our projects and development of the Municipality Tchashka. We have also formed an association for snail farmers and mushroom farmers that has fifteen farms on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and we are prepared to organize cooperative relationships for both snails and mushrooms. Together with all of the farmers, we make our export of snails to Italy. The manufacturing on our farm is the largest and it takes 30%, while the rest is the sum from the other farmers. We are members of the Ministry of Economy as a cluster and each year we receive their support. 80% of the income of Agro-Link are composed of the export of snails, while 20% is comprised from the manufacturing of the oyster mushroom. The company “Slow food” is active for over a year and it was established together with a partner form the Netherlands, for development of the primary snail farming in Macedonia. Our farm will soon begin with manufacturing of the Shiitake mushroom.