61Helix aspersa

The garden or the blue snail. It has diameter of about 20-40 mm, and it weighs 6-20 g. The color of the shell is black and greyish-yellow with brown spots. The shell is more like a cone shape. The base of the shell is greyish-olive colored.

The foundation is 60-120 eggs and it occurs several times per year depending on the climate. The opening is closed with a very thin mucosae. There are several forms: small, large and other. The “Helix aspersa” has been examined for its persistence in these regions. The results were greatly satisfying, thus the farm will be enlarged for this type of snails that has higher price on the market compared to the other types of snails.

Nutritive values of 100 g snails – 1 portion

  • Energy (kj) 337;
  • Water (g) 79
  • Proteins (g) 16
  • Sugar (g) 2
  • Fat (g) 1
  • Magnesium (mg) 250
  • Calcium (mg) 170
  • Iron (mg) 3,5
  • And a lot of minerals and C vitamin.