shitakeLentinula edodes

Lentinula edodes is a mushroom form the Far East with exceptionally fine and rich taste, rich in proteins, vitamins, amino acids fiber and minerals. It has great nutritive values, low calories and it almost does not have fats.

The Shiitake mushroom has the polysaccharide- Lentinan. This polysaccharide strengthens the organism and is highly recommended for use in malignant diseases, during and after chemotherapies and radiations. It prevents the growth of the tumors, lowers the blood pressure, protects the heart and has antiviral effects.

It possesses eritadenine, highly unsaturated fats, histone fiber and other substances that regulate the levels of blood sugar. That is why they are recommended for people with diagnosed diabetes. They are especially valued due to their protection from female diseases like breast cancer, large intestine diseases, diseases of the uterus and ovaries as well as other various metastatic tumors.